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Newsletter 33rd Issue 26 January, 2018

Newsletter 33rd Issue

1. 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit, Yangon, Myanmar 2017

2. Report of the 10th Meeting of OECD Water Governance Initiative

3. "A Water Management Curriculum using Ecohydrology principles and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)" and Workshop on Pathway towards Improved Water Education Curricula

4. 2nd Announcement of the NARBO IWRM Training for Sustainable Development

5. NARBO in the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia

the 8th World Water Forum in BrasiliaJapan Water Agency, one of the secretariat organizations of NARBO will join the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia on 18-23 March, 2018. As of now, we're requested to join some thematic sessions as one of the panelists by some session organizers, and NARBO's achievements such as ´Voice of Asian Water Management Practitioners´ which was developed through the discussion at the 6th NARBO General Meeting and new "IWRM Guidelines -The guidelines for appropriate and applicable approach-" which is developed by member's contributions and workshop at the 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit will be introduced through the sessions. JWA also joins the EXPO and introduce NARBO activities.

If representative of your organization will join the forum, please let us know. And let's discuss and coordinate for making the synergy through sessions and increase the influence of Asia to the world.

We look forward to seeing and working with NARBO members in Brasilia !

More information about the 8WWF >>>>

6. From the Secretariat

By secretariat of NARBO

NARBO Newsletter aims to be a tool for sharing good practices, lessons learned from practice and IWRM-related activities, etc. Therefore, we highly welcome articles from you, about good practices, lessons from practice, activities relevant to IWRM. In addition, the article such as topic providing, and fresh voice, etc is also very welcomed. The articles you will contribute to NARBO Secretariat will be put in newsletters to share experience and lessons and so on.

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