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Newsletter 31st Issue - JWA's W-EMS -1 August, 2017

Newsletter 31st Issue

Japan Water Agency formed the system to steadily implement the environment conservation activities

W-EMS Japan Water Agency (=JWA), recognizing its social responsibility to contribute to the establishment of the environment-friendly and sustainable development of society and conservation of global environment, established its own environment management system named W-EMS* to continuously grasp and evaluate the effect its work and various project activities cause to the environment and then take whatever improvement necessary so that the environmental burden would be minimized and quality environment would be retained.

W-EMS is the environment management system JWA re-established to meet with the necessary operation and management suited to JWA, based on the know-how it has gained through implementation of the EMS on ISO14001of which it acquired the official certificate before. Under this W-EMS, JWA has applied various ideas so that respective offices can set up their own plans for environmental conservation and select most suited programs out of “JWA environmental action plan” formulated in line with this EMS and implement its individual practical operations effectively and efficiently.

At present, all JWA offices, including 37 different offices, are working on W-EMS. Following the PDCA cycle without fail and proceeding with the target management and continuous work improvement, JWA is promoting steady progress of environmental conservation activities at all levels of operations.


*W-EMS is named after "Japan Water Agency's EMS" and "WE & EMS".