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6. 7th World Water Forum

Regional Process session
INR.3.4.AP SMART Implementation of IWRM
Date & Venue :April 13,2015(Mon) 14:40~16:10

Presentation materials

’The Strategy of IWRM in Korea’ Mr. Lee JongJin,K-water
’NARBO’s IWRM Indicator’ Dr. Kentaro Kido, NARBO
Panelist’s materials
‘IWRM Implementation in Central Asia’ , Mr.Vadim Sokolov, GWP-CASENA
Future IWRM in SouthAsia’, Ms. Priyanka Dssenayake, GWP-SAS
‘IWRM for Huai River Basin’, Prof. Guam Yiqing, Hohai Univ

Thematic Process session
3.4.4. Knowledgebase for IWRM
Date & Venue :April 14,2015(Tue) 17:00~19:00

Keynote’s materials

‘For SMART implementation of IWRM’ , Mr.Juichi Kamimura, NARBO/JWA
Panelist’s materials
The water resources management model in Mexico’, Ms. Emilliano Rodriguez Briceno, CONAGUA
‘Development and Application of Decision Making Support System for IWRM based on ICT’, Mr. Cho Wanhee, K-water
‘Collaborative water data management for knowledge development’, Mr. Paul Haener, International office for water
‘Knowledge management on IWRM in GWP’, Ms. Angela Klausehen, GWP
ADB’s knowledge base and its mobilization for SDG’s’, Dr. Thomas Panella, ADB
‘Integrated Flood Management in Shiga Prefecture, Japan’, Mr. Mitsuhiro Tsuji, Shiga-Prefecture