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Benchmarking Workshop and Overrall Session

1. The summary of the program

NARBO Benchmarking meeting (NARBO members consultation meeting) and overall session as plenary members’ meeting of NARBO were held on November29 and 30 at Batu-Malang, East Java, Indonesia with 55 participants from 11 countries. Batu-Malang is the memorial place for NARBO because the First NARBO General Meeting was held and NARBO was born here this February. Also the headquarters of Jasa Tirta 1 Public Corporation whose jurisdiction is over Brantas River Basin which is well known among Indonesian river engineers as the place of “Brantas Spirit” who are involved in river-related internal/international projects is here Batu and Jasa Tirta 1 Public Corporation plays vital roles in NARBO activities.
2 days program consisted of the benchmarking workshops and the overall meeting. There were about sixty participants there at the meeting along with Chairman of NARBO, Dr. M. Basuki Hadimuijono (Director General, Directorate General of Water Resources, the Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia)

(See photos of Indonesia[PDF/158KB] )

2. Benchmarking Workshop

The purpose of this meeting was to hold the ADB & IWMI leading benchmarking workshops which aims at setting the goals for picked items on RBOs' present situations and then realizing members' organizational capacity improvement by achieving the goals. At the meeting, they agreed that the system how to set the goals and how to achieve these goals would be discussed from now and the model basin (see below pls) would be selected out to do this alongside discussions. More detailed information, please see ADB website. (You can go through "links")


Benchmarking Pilot

RBOs Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  Bang Pakong River Basin Thailand
  Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation Indonesia
  Jasa Tirta II Public Corporation Indonesia
  Laguna Lake Development Authority Philippines
  Red River Basin Organization Viet Nam
Gov. Org. Jeneberang River Basin Project Indonesia
  Balai PSDA Jragung-Tuntang Indonesia
  Dep. of NRE, Dong Nai Province Viet Nam
  Ping River Basin Thailand
  KOWACO Korea

3. Appointment of NARBO Acting Vice-Chairperson

Dr. M.U.A Tennakoon, PhD, DSC, Director General of the Mahaweli Authority in Sri Lanka (MASL), was hereby appointed as new NARBO Acting Vice Chairperson on 29th November 2004 at NARBO workshop


4. Announcement of the Twinning Program

NARBO Secretariat chaired the overall session to take of this opportunity and announced the commencement of the Twinning Program that is one of the NARBO activities. The purposes of the Twinning Program are to promote exchanges in various fields among RBOs, to improve members' organizational capacity and to deepen common understandings that are needed to do NARBO activities. As the first case of the Twinning Program, JWA, Indonesian NARBO (PJT1 and PJT2) exchanged MOU with attendance of Dr. Basuki, Chairman of NARBO and Mr. Tanacoon, Acting Vice Chairman of NARBO and many other participants.


Keyword: “implementation and concrete action”


These three organizations (JWA, PJT1 and PJT2) are going to set up the specific activity program and then implement the program based on the spirit of ownership. Implementation is very basic idea of water resources development and management.

All problems happen at sites!

We work with residents at site!

(See MOU[PDF/105KB] and Photos[PDF/186KB] )

5. Overall Session

In the overall session, mainly reports from NARBO secretariat and introduction of “Portfolio of Water Actions” as international activity toward CSD 13 (Commission on Sustainable Development 13 held in 2005) was held.

Contents of Overall session


  1. Portfolio of Water Actions (PWA) and commission on Sustainable Development (CAD13) by Mr. Yoshio Tokunaga, Deputy Director of Water Resources Department, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Japan
  2. Brief Report of NARBO Activity after General Meeting
  3. Toward the IWRM conference in Japan dated 7th Dec. 2005 (Consultation of the presentation from NARBO) as like a first message to the World from NARBO (See top page: on this context)
    Key concept of this consultation is,

    - Our Asian have the traditional rule and water resources management based on the long history, geological and hydrological feature.
    - IWRM should be established independently by each country or region through its own efforts, let alone application of one guideline, rule & standard.
    - Asia needs the appropriate IWRM for Asia, and NARBO is the important for Asia because of similar feature on those.
  4. Explanation of meaning of submission of report, informed by letter in advance, for the NARBO’s future activity on sourcebook

We were back to Batu Malang Indonesia

6. Thanks to Co-organizer








Good arrangement and kindness of co-organizers conveyed the success.

Finally, much efforts of co-organizer of the workshop of Indonesian NARBO secretariat especially from Jasa Tirta I & II and Ms. Jutima from IWMI are appreciated so much!!!

(NARBO Secretariat)