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Twinning Program


--- Sharing practices through daily works ---

1. Between Indonesian NARBO secretariat and Japan Water Agency

This time, 29th November 2004, between Indonesian NARBO and JWA, the MOU and agreement was concluded as the first case of Twinning Program.

(See MOU[PDF/233KB] )

In the launching ceremony, below persons as representative of both sides exchanged the MOU and others.
(See Photos(1)[PDF/186KB ] )

Representative of both sides

[ Indonesian NARBO ]

  • - Ir. Sukrasno Sastro Hardjono, Dipl.HE, Executive Director Indonesian NARBO (Director of Directorate Water Resources Management, DGWR, Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Indonesia)
  • - Ir. Socheh, Dipl. HE (President Director Jasa TirtaI Public Corporation)
  • - Ir. Djendam Gurusinga, Dipl.HE (President Director Jasa Tirta II Public Cporporation)
  • - Ir. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto, CES Vice Executive Director Indonesian NARBO (Director of Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation, The Brantas River Basin Management Agency)

[ Japan Water Agency ]
  • - Mr. Ota Shinsuke, Vice President, Japan Water Agency, on behalf of Mr. Toshiki Aoyama, President of JWA) [ NARBO Chairperson and acting vice chairperson ]
  • - Dr. Ir. Basuki Hadimuljono, M. Sc., First NARBO Chairperson (Feb. 2004 - ), Directorate General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia
  • - Dr. M.U.A. Tennakoon, Acting Vice Chairperson (Nov. 2004 - ), Director General of Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka After the reading and exchange of (1)MOU, (2)Agreement of exchange of personnel on Twinning Program between JWA & PJT I & PJT II, and (3) Agreement of exchange of information on Twinning Program between Indonesian NARBO and JWA, Ir. Sukrasno, Mr. Ota and Dr. Ir. Basuki gave congratulation speech to all participants from many members attending the workshop. Based on (2), JWA two staff have visited to JASA TIRTA I and JASA TIRTA II since April. They are dispatched to Indonesia for enhancing ability on IWRM for three months.


(See speech by Mr. Ota[PDF/90KB] )
(See Agreement of exchange of personnel[PDF/231KB] )
(See Agreement of exchange of information[PDF/201KB ] )


Dr. Ir. Basuki came to Batu for the launching ceremony


Finally, commemorative group photo by participants of workshop
and overall session was taken


Site visit : November 30, 2004

On the next day, 30th November 2004, Ir. Socheh, Dipl. HE (President Director Jasa TirtaI Public Corporation) and Mr. Ota Shinsuke Vice President Japan Water Agency as on behalf of Mr. Toshiki Aoyama, President of JWA) visited the site of Brantas River Basin. Problems of Brantas River Basin, especially Water quality (Eutrophication) and discharged sedimentation problem was explained.
Also, “Commemorative Tree Planting” by Mr. Ota with Ir. Socheh are held at the tree garden managed by PJT I in the upper area of Brantas River Basin.
From now, the further strengthen of partnership between Indonesian NARBO and JWA are anticipated.
(See photos(2)[PDF/391KB ])

[PS : After this, Ir. Sukrasno and Ir. Tjoek visited to Japan in order to (1) visit of JWA’s site and Headquarter as courtesy call & meeting, and (2) give a presentation at the international conference on IWRM in Tokyo, and (3) others ]

Brantas spirits

Batu- Malang, Indonesia is the birthplace of NARBO, namely, place of 1st General Meeting. We feel there are important meaning about that “1st Twinning Program was launched at same place.” Also, Brantas River Basin locating of Batu Malang is the special place having the long history of collaboration of Indonesia and Japan. They said many river engineers having the Brantas Spirits were going to work for the enhancement of River management of Indonesia. Now, Brantas River Basin become the new commemorative place of international collaboration through NARBO.

[ Second, Third, and many Twinning Program for Asia ]

After this, the situation and information of Twinning Program will be updated at the NARBO web site, and also, NARBO intend to promote the Twinning Program between members. Already, second and third Twinning Programs are in the consultation.

Toward the fruitful future of Asia, namely, “Growing up together”, many Twinning Programs will be concluded, accordingly, concrete actions undertaken to improve the technical knowledge and skills, and organization's function through information sharing and personnel exchange, is highly expected.

We, Asian Countries, have the special feature in terms of geology and hydrology etc. so that we need to exchange & collaborate more to exist in the World as mentioned at the presentation of Ir. Sukrasno’s paper.