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Narbo Newsletter 30th Issue Februrary 2017

NARBO 30th News Letter

NARBO held the 6th General Meeting

Based on the NARBO Charter, NARBO Secretary General convened the 6th General Meeting (6GM) at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Jakarta, Indonesia from 22 to 24 February, 2017 hosted by Ministry of Public Works and Housing and Perum Jasa Tirta II Public Corporation (PJT2).

After the intensive discussions at the workshops on water governance, sustainability, water-food-energy nexus and promotion of IWRM, ‘Action Program 2016-2019’, revision of NARBO Charter and New NARBO Officials were unanimously approved. Thanks to the contributions of all participants and host organizations, the 6GM was wrapped up very successfully. NARBO received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Government of Indonesia for the valuable contribution to various activities to strengthen the capacity of river basin organizations in Indonesia since 2004. It proves the achievement of NARBO’s valued activities and is a great honor for NARBO.


Brief report and photos are shown at NARBO’s website (http://www.narbo.jp/data/01_events/materials_6thgm/Report_of_6NARBO_GM.pdf ).

The photo is also available at NARBO’s Facebook


Asking for Contributions from member organizations

´Action Program 2016-2019´ was approved at the 6GM, and interactions among NARBO member organizations are encouraged. The revised NARBO Chapter 4.1 (6)(a) stipulates that ´Members of NARBO will participate in NARBO activities of their interest with commitment to use their own resources as far as possible and to work effectively in partnership with other organizations that are collaborating in the network´. We expect member organizations´ active contributions by sending the articles/reports which introduce their activities on IWRM in the field, participation in the discussions through NARBO’s Facebook and/or some other opportunities available from time to time.

From the secretariat

Your articles are welcome
by secretariat of NARBO

NARBO Newsletter aims to be a tool for sharing good practices, lessons learned from practice and IWRM-related activities, etc. Therefore, we highly welcome articles from you, about good practices, lessons from practice, activities relevant to IWRM. In addition, the article such as topic providing, and fresh voice, etc is also very welcomed. The articles you will contribute to NARBO Secretariat will be put in newsletters to share experience and lessons and so on.


NARBO Newsletter is produced by the Narbo Secretariat to provide current information about NARBO activities to readers who are interested in IWRM issues specifically in Monsoon ASIA.
For comment/information/inquiry, please contact info@narbo.org

Thank you for your cooperation!