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NARBO 28th News Letter

Invitation to the 6th NARBO General Meeting

Based on the NARBO Charter, we’ll hold the 6th General Meeting (the meeting) to discuss future NARBO from 22nd to 24th February, 2017 in Jakarta hosted by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia. Member organization’s active participation is required for fruitful discussions. If your organization has not been registered yet, please contact NARBO secretariat. http://www.narbo.jp/event/The_2nd_announcement_of_the_6th_NARBO_General_Meeting3.html

Request for your proactive participation to upgrade future NARBO

NARBO secretariat has just shared with its members the draft of ‘Action Program 2017-2019’ and that of revised ‘NARBO Charter’ to invite NARBO member’s opinions and recommendations. Voices of member organizations will be incorporated into these important documents and be reflected into the next term strategy and activities of NARBO. Therefore, proactive contributions by member organizations will be highly appreciated. At the same time, NARBO secretariat has also requested member organizations to nominate appropriate persons for NARBO Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons. This time, NARBO secretariat decided to introduce an important procedure for the selection of NARBO Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons to improve transparency of NARBO’s organizational operations. Please read thoroughly the concept paper of nomination which had already been sent to the contact persons of NARBO members with the nomination form. We look forward to receiving proactive comments and the nomination letter from member organizations.

Preparation for the 6th NARBO General Meeting

NARBO secretariat, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and Perum Jasatirta Public Corporation II jointly established the organization committee to prepare for the meeting in October 2016. Preparation meetings were held two times in 2016, and we’re now boosting the preparation work, especially logistic matters to welcome the delegates. NARBO Steering Committee meeting was held on 19th January, 2017 to discuss future directions of NARBO. In that meeting, NARBO secretariat explained about the draft of ‘Action Program 2017-2019’ and that of revised ‘NARBO Charter’, and we had valuable comments and recommendations from the Committee members. Based on the recommendations, NARBO secretariat revised the proposals to be consulted to NARBO members.



The Steering Committee meeting





From the secretariat

Your articles are welcome
by secretariat of NARBO

NARBO Newsletter aims to be a tool for sharing good practices, lessons learned from practice and IWRM-related activities, etc. Therefore, we highly welcome articles from you, about good practices, lessons from practice, activities relevant to IWRM. In addition, the article such as topic providing, and fresh voice, etc is also very welcomed. The articles you will contribute to NARBO Secretariat will be put in newsletters to share experience and lessons and so on.

NARBO Newsletter is produced by the Narbo Secretariat to provide current information about NARBO activities to readers who are interested in IWRM issues specifically in Monsoon ASIA.
For comment/information/inquiry, please contact info@narbo.org

Thank you for your cooperation!