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NARBO’s 10th Anniversary Event

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Preparation for NARBO 10th Anniversary Event -Interview to NARBO members-

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4th HELP Meeting in Rotterdam, the Netherland

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REQUEST from Secretariat

Contribution to NARBO report & Newsletter

  Preparation for NARBO 10th Anniversary Event

-Interview to NARBO members-

  2014 is a special year for NARBO. 10 years have passed since the establishment of NARBO in 2004. It is a good opportunity to review past activities and evaluate achievements. Based on this background, NARBO secretariat decided to make a report which summarizes past activities and look to the future NARBO. NARBO secretariat visited Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand to conduct the interviews with NARBO Steering Committee members and major RBOs in these countries for collecting voice to NARBO. Thanks to the deep understanding and consideration of the objective of the mission, the mission was completed successfully, and we got concrete NARBO’s achievement and requests to NARBO for the next decade.
  Furthermore, NARBO secretariat asked all the members of NARBO to cooperate on the questionnaire about NARBO’s achievements and future NARBO. We have already received useful information about NARBO. What we have gotten by the interview and questionnaire are now being summarized into the report, and some part of it will be shared at the 10th Anniversary Event on 19-20 November, 2014 in Manila.
   We’re still waiting for the answers to the questionnaire. Prompt sending of the answers to the questionnaire from member organizations will be highly appreciated.
  We look forward to seeing you in Manila next month!


Request from NARBO Secretariat

  For the success of NARBO’s 10 year anniversary event, we need member’s cooperation and contribution. NARBO secretariat has already sent the questionnaire on NARBO activities to the contact person of NARBO in member organizations. The questionnaire is also available on NARBO’s website. If your organization has not answered to the questionnaire, please do it and send it to us ASAP. Members’ voices make future NARBO. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  In addition, NARBO secretariat is waiting for your contribution to the articles for newsletter. Your recent activities, innovative actions taken, asking for cooperation to member organizations and comments to NARBO are all welcome. Your contribution decides the future NARBO. We look forward to your contribution to the newsletter.


Template for Questionnaire

Respondents are kindly requested to:

  1. Provide contact matters / examples for follow-up in case clarifications are needed;

  2. Ask for anonymity should it be deemed necessary;

  3. Fill-in the template as thoroughly as possible with concrete examples, data and facts;

  4. Respond with English;

  5. Provide links/references to background documents , map, illustration or other support material when       relevant/if needed;

  6. Return the template duly completed to komoto@adbi.org or tadashige_kawasaki@water.go.jp ASAP.


Institution’s  name


Category of your institutions

Please tick all that apply

  [   ]   River basin organizations

  [   ]   Governments (national, regional, local)

  [   ]   Regional knowledge partner organizations

  [   ]   Inter- regional knowledge partner organizations

  [   ]   Bilateral and multilateral development cooperation agency
        (promoting and supporting IWRM)

  [   ]   Associate members
        (who supports NARBO’s goal and objective by offering its resources)

  [   ]   Others, please specify:



Phone number




Q1: During past ten years, what are the specific achievements or evidences in promoting IWRM and improving water governance and capacity of RBO (in your country or in your organization)? Please provide specific issues on IWRM and Water Security and achievement to measure against them.



Q2 : Please provide concrete examples in your country/river basin of how NARBO has contributed in the achievement mentioned in above.

For example, has NARBO contributed to
       - the formulation or implementation of an effective national water policy?
       - the formulation or implementation of the national water law including for the protection,         conservation, development and use of water resources in the river basin?
       - helped to strengthen regulations for effective application of the water law (including on water          withdrawals, use and discharge of effluents and waste; water rights and water allocation; etc.
       - facilitated cross-sector and upstream-downstream water user dialogues for the development and          management of water resources in the river basin?
       - helped in strengthening institutional roles and arrangements, including more efficient and         effective coordination mechanisms in managing the river basin?
       - helped in the establishment of RBOs in the river basin?
       - helped to strengthen management capacities of the RBO or related government agency
        (e.g. financial management, data/information management and operation management of facility,         stakeholder involvement, etc.)?

Please describe specific examples in details with map, illustration or other support material.

Q3 :What do you think should NARBO do so that it can fully achieve its goal and objectives? And are there any the constraints that currently limit NARBO performance?

Please describe specific examples in details.


Q4. What kind of support can you and your organization provide to NARBO so that it can fully achieve its goal and objectives? And what is the expectation of NARBO from your organization?

Please describe specific examples in details.


Q5.Any other information/comments you deem relevant?








NARBO Newsletter is produced by the Narbo Secretariat to provide current information about NARBO activities to readers who are interested in IWRM issues specifically in Monsoon ASIA.
For comment/information/inquiry, please contact info@narbo.org

Thank you for your cooperation!