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International Conference on IWRM in Tokyo


December 7th, Mr. Sukrasno Sastro Hardjono1, who was appointed from Chairperson2 of NARBO, gave the presentation "New Network of IWRM for Asia - Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (see presentation1[PDF/20KB], presentation2[PDF/2.85MB])" in the plenary session of International Conference on IWRM held in Tokyo. In the presentation, he pointed out that "Asian countries absolutely have important role and responsibility toward the resolution on water management in the World.


The Executive Director of Indonesian NARBO Secretariat, the Director of Directorate Water Resources Management, DGWR, Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Indonesia

Dr. M. Basuki Hadimoeljono(Chairperson), Director General, Directorate General of Water Resources of Ministry of Public Works