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NARBO activities in 4WWF, Mexico


For the open of practical IWRM in Asia through NARBO, the Chairperson of NARBO introduced some activities in Mexico during its event since 16th to 22nd March, 2006 (See photo 1 & 2). While, NARBO secretariats, JWA had the booth in the Water Expo. (See photo 3)
In the one session, he featured the “NARBO Forest” by participants of 2nd General meeting in Indonesia in February 2006. Through this event, NARBO expressed to go on the practical way. For instance, in the morning session titled “Launching Session for the CSD WAND (Water Action and Networking Database)”, he was invited as the presenter for implementing the good local actions.
The World Water Forum is one of the biggest water related event in the World, and he and the NARBO secretariat urged the importance of the field and practical actions to the World.


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
Dr. Basuki introduced NARBO at the session for CSD WAND on March 20
Dr. Basuki was answering questions from the reporters at the lunchtime seminar on March 18
JWA distributed the NARBO brochures and exhibited the panel including the explanation on NARBO.