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The Second General Meeting


Overall report

The Second General Meeting (GM) was held from February 14 to 16 for three days at Jatiluhur (host organization: Jasa Tirta II public corporation (PJTII)), Indonesia with thirty-nine organizations from nine countries attended and ended very successfully. In this GM, various kind of pragmatic activities will be organized in accordance with the action plan 2006-2007 which was endorsed. In this GM, the NARBO forest program was launched in the site visit.

At the reception on 13 evening, NARBO Forest Initiative was launched in cooperation with NARBO chairperson and PJT II with witness of Director General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia. During the field trip on 14 February, participants planted seedlings of Rambutan, Avocado and Mango with local school kids in the vicinity of the Jatiluhur Dam (around 100 trees in the 20,000m²) as practical IWRM activities in collaboration with the Indonesian program "National Partnership on Water Resources Area". Thanks to PJT II, participants recognized site is our field. It is expected to expand this activity to all NARBO members.

On the second day, more than fifteen papers presented in four sessions, i.e., session on water quality, flood, finance and benchmarking. On the last day, the secretariat reported the activities in the past two years, proposed the revision of the charter and the action plan for the coming two years (2006-2007). The revision of the charter and the action plan were approved by applause. At the same time, the secretariat announced that fourteen organizations joined NARBO and one organization was eliminated from the member due to merged organization and it was also approved by applause. Finally, new NARBO constitutional body was selected.

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