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  2. Event Regional Meeting on Hydro-informatics and Developing Knowledge Hub Networks

Regional Meeting on Hydro-informatics and
Developing Knowledge Hub Networks,

China, 15-17 October, 2008


Date: October 15-17, 2008
Venue: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, People's Republic of China
Host: Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC), Ministry of Water Resources



NARBO Secretariat attended the Regional Meeting on Hydro-informatics and Developing Knowledge Hub Networks held in Zhengzhou, China with the representatives of many NARBO member organizations.
The purpose of this Regional Meeting was to share YRCC's experience among the participants and to demonstrate how the decision support systems can be introduced or improved in river basins. The meeting also marked the launch of the Center for Hydro-Informatics in River Basins (CHIRB) which is hosted by YRCC.

Plenary Session

In the Plenary Session on Day 1, Opening of Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) Knowledge Hubs Regional Meeting and CHIRB Launching Ceremony kicked off. In the Opening Session, some NARBO members made opening remarks.

From the afternoon of Day 1 to the evening of Day 2, the participants were divided into 2 groups and had discussions respectively.
The theme of Track 1 was "Hydro-informatics and IWRM". Some representatives of NARBO member organizations as well as those of CHIRB member organizations presented their work contents and discussed how CHIRB and its partners could improve the partnership.

Group Discussion

In this discussion, NARBO Secretariat introduced our activities to CHIRB members to refer to CHIRB activities. CHIRB members supported our activities and adopted a part of them in their own action plan.
The theme of Track 2 was "Knowledge Hub Networking". Most of the existing hubs presented their activities and business plan as a Regional Water Knowledge Hub, and the participants improved their partnership each other.
In this session, NARBO Secretariat also introduced its activities to the hub organizations and its candidates.


Explanation and Discussion

On Day 3 (last day), participants were invited to study visit to the Yellow River System.
The participants were introduced three kinds of Yellow River; the first one was Natural Yellow River, the second one was Digital Yellow River, and the third one was Physical Model of Yellow River. They visited all of these three kinds of Yellow River.
As the Natural Yellow River, in addition to Yellow River itself along Zhengzhou City, the participants visited standardized Embankments which have been constructed along its either bank for several hundred kilometers.
As the Digital Yellow River, the participants visited the Hydraulic Station built in 1938 and Yellow River Water Allocation and Remote Control Center where flow rates, water quality and the amount of intake are monitored in real time.
As the Physical Model of Yellow River, the participants visited the models which were reproduced to estimate the effect and impact by conducting a project in advance.
In this study visit, the participants could learn and enjoy the large-scale nature and artificial materials which this huge country China has.