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  2. Event Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) Inception Meeting


Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) Inception Meeting

- 20 November, 2003 @Chiang Mai, Thailand -

Conveyed & Organized by
Japan Water Agency (JWA)
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)


Background and Objective


The need for partnerships for an action to achieve Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in river basins throughout Asia was recognized at the 3rd World Water Forum held in Japan, in March 2003. And the three parties (JWA, ADB and ADBI) signed on "Letter of Intent for Collaboration on establishing the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO)".

NARBO's objectives are to promote the exchange of information and experience among river basin organizations (RBOs) and their associated water sector agencies in Asia and to strengthen their capacity and effectiveness in promoting IWRM and improving water governance.

The Inception meeting was planned to prepare for the establishment of NARBO between concerning organizations.


Outline of "NARBO Inception Meeting"


The Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) was launched at the first South East Asia Water Forum, aiming to support river basin organizations (RBOs) through knowledge sharing and capacity building. The meeting was arranged as a side meeting of Southeast Asia Water Forum (SEAWF), held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on 17-21 November 2003. This meeting laid the foundation for the establishment of NARBO scheduled in next year. Governmental agencies responsible for water resources management in Asian countries (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam) participated in the meeting (Appendix A).


[Contents of the meeting]


  1. Framework of NARBO


    1. Introduction of coordination of establishment NARBO from the 3rd WWF

    2. Key note speech
    [What could JWA do for NARBO and its members?] JWA Dr.Fukuda
    [Launching the Network of Asian River Basin Organizations] ADB Mr.Wouter Arriens<

    3. Invitation speech
    GWP SEATAC Chair Dr, Apichart

    4. Discussion of the Charter (framework of NARBO)


  2. Discussion of needs for activities of NARBO


  3. Confirmation of NARBO general meeting


    February 2004 in Indonesia


  4. Related information


Introduction for "Port Folio Water Action" in 3rd WWF MLIT Mr.Tokunaga


NARBO's main focus will be:


  • Advocacy and raising awareness for IWRM in the region among water sector apex bodies, leading water sector agencies, and RBOs- mainly through regional workshops;
  • Sharing information, good practices, and lessons learned for IWRM among the participating organizations through web sites, newsletters, and databases;
  • Supporting NARBO members to improve water governance, including the enabling policy, institutional, and regal framework for IWRM, and the formulation of action plans;
  • Building capacity of RBOs in implementing IWRM, mainly through staff exchange and training among participating organizations;
  • Supporting RBOs with technical advice in regard to the safe and efficient operation of water facilities, to improve IWRM; and
  • Fostering regional cooperation for improved management of water resources in transboundary river basins.


Participants discussed the contents of activities and a framework of NARBO, which is being established to promote IWRM in the Asia region. The participating institutions expressed high expectations and strong demand for the network.

NARBO's membership and activities will initially focus on the monsoonal areas of Asia, including countries in East Asia, South East Asia, and South Asia. Expansion of NARBO's activities to other countries of the Asian and Pacific region will be considered at the later stage.


[Discussion of the contents]

  1. Agreed to establish NARBO as a network of Asian river basin organizations


  1. Decided that comments regarding NARBOs action plan and organizational structure will be collected by the Secretariat, and the results will be disseminated to participants


  1. The General Meeting was tentatively scheduled for February 23, 2004, Malang, Indonesia


  1. Main points of discussion

    • Decision making process
    • Membership (government organizations trying to establish RBOs)
    • NGO participation
    • Support for collaboration with academic institutions (scholarship program)
    • Mechanisms for data sharing


Next Step of NARBO


It was unanimously decided that JWA, ADB and ADBI should take the lead in developing an Action Plan, in preparation for the NARBO Establishment General Meeting planned for February 2004 in Malang, Indonesia.

The Indonesian government stated its firm support for the initiative, and pledged its cooperation in support of the meeting.


List of Participants i20-Nov-03 j



Organization Name
Mr. Brandford Philips
Mr. Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriens
ADB Institute
Dr. Raymond Z. Renfro
Dr. Masafumi Fukuda
Dr. Tsuneaki Yoshida
Dr. Takeyoshi Sadahiro
Mr. Yoshio Tokunaga
Mr. Satoru Otani

[Inter Regional and Regional Center]

Organization Name
GWP SEA TAC Dr. Apichart Anukularmphai
Mekong River Commission Ms. Ann Lund
Mekong River Commission Mr.Dao Trong Tu
Embassy of Sweden Dr. Anders Thuren

[RBOs and National Governance]

Country Organization Name
Cambodia Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology Dr. Theng Tara
Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology Dr. An Pieh Hatda
China Ministry of Water Resources, D.R.China Mr. Huang Huojian
Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute Dr. Gu Ying
Indonesia Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure Dr. Ir. M. Basoeki Hadimoeljono, Mse
Dr. Ir. Sutardi, M. Eng
Jasa Tirta Public Corp Ir. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto
Ir. H. Tukul Santoso
Balai PSDA Jragung Tuntang Ir. Tri Widodo Djokorahardjo
Korea KOWACO Dr.Sung Young Du
Laos Water Resources Coordinator Committee Mr. Phonechaleun Nonthaxay
Malaysia Dept. of Irrigation & Drainage Datuk Ir. Keizrul Bin Abdullah
Philippines National Water Resources Board Ms. EVELYN F. DACUYCUY
Agno River Basin Development Commission Mr. Benjamin D. De Leon
Laguna Lake Development Authority Ms. Alica E. Bongco
Thailand Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Mr. Va-Son Boonkird
Viet Nam MARD Mr. Le Van Hoc