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  2. Event The 4th Thematic Workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights



The 4th Thematic Workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights


1. Introduction

The 4th Thematic Workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights, held on January 23-26, 2007, in Saitama, Japan, was completed. 13 participants from 7 countries attended the workshop, and they gave presentation on the drafted final action programs on improving water allocation issues and discussed them. In addition, we could share some important information on water resources management in Japan through site visits.

The 4th thematic workshop is composed of 3 sessions (3 days), 2 field trips (2 days), and one special lecture given by Japan side. Also, the 4th workshop was held in succession to the first, second and third ones held in Hanoi (Viet Nam), Manila (Philippines), and Bangkok (Thailand) respectively, and discussions were carried out on the basis of the session outcome of the former ones.

2. Sessions

The sessions were held on 23rd, 24th and 26th January, in the Headquarter of Japan Water Agency (Saitama City). The themes of each session are as follows:

Session 1: Report on the situation of dissemination and discussion in participants' countries

Session 2: Presentation on action program

Session 3: Session for revision of drafted action program

3. Special Lecture

One special lecture was given from Japan side, by Dr. Yoshida, Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo, on 23rd, in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT). The theme of the lecture is “Case Study of improving water issue, taking the experience on Aichi Canal as an example”.


Group photo with the president
of JWA
Discussion between participants
Presentation on action program

4. Field Trip

We visited 3 venues within the Tone and Ara river basins, the Tone Canal Project in Saitama Prefecture, the Kasumigaura Lake Development Project in Ibaraki Prefecture, and the Chiba Canal Project in Chiba Prefecture.

Field Visit to the Tone Canal Project
Explanation on the Lake
Kasumigaura Development Project
Explanation on Facilities of
the Chiba Canal Project

5. Materials

Materials relevant to this workshop are available from the Database. (ID & Pass are needed.)


Finally, we’d like to express our thanks for all the participants and all the staffs concerned of the host organizations of the thematic workshops (The Red River Basin Organization (Viet Nam), the National Water Resources Board, the Laguna Lake Development Authority (Philippines), and The Department of Water Resources (Thailand)). Also, secretariat hopes that we will have close relationships with each other in the future.