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  2. Event The 3rd thematic workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights



The 3rd thematic workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights




1. Introduction

The 3rd thematic workshop on Water Allocation and Water Rights, held on November 27-December 1 in Bangkok, Thailand, (at Century Park Hotel) was completed. 35 participants from 7 countries (Thailand, Viet Nam, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Lao PDR, and Japan) discussed each session theme actively, and we could reach the good outcomes about the improvement for water allocation issues. In addition, we could obtain some important information on current status of river basin management in Thailand through the site visit.

The main objectives of the 3rd workshop were (i) Review of the 1st and 2nd thematic workshops, and (ii) Proposal for approach to improving water allocation issues.

2. Sessions

In line with the above objectives, we held 5 sessions (on 27 & 29 November and 1 December), in which participants gave presentations and we made discussions for clarifying how to approach to improvement of water allocation issues in each participant’s country. The themes of each sessions are as follows:

Session1: Report on the situation of dissemination and discussion in participants' countries

Session2: Review of the former workshops (1)

Session3: Ditto

Session4: Internal discussion & revision of the discussion materials

Session5: Presentation on the revision of the discussion materials

3. Presentations from Japan side

2 presentations were given from Japan side (on 27 November). One is “Outline of groundwater management”, presented by Mr. Masayuki Sato, Deputy Director, Water Resources Policy Division, Water Resources Department, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; and the other is “Outline of the River Law”, presented by Michitaro Nakai, ADB Institute.

Opening Remarks by
Discussion in the Session
Special Lecture on outline of
Japanese groundwater

4. Field Trip

We made site-visit in the Bang Pakong river basin (on 30 November), going to the 2 venues (i) The Water Resources Regional Office 6 in Prachin Buri Province, and (ii) The Khlong Tha Dan Dam Project in Nayok Province. Especially in the site visit for the Water Resources Regional Office, we could obtain information on the River Basin Commission and the Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEPS), which are quite useful.


Discussion on Water Allocation
in Bang pakong River Basin
Discussion at
Khlong Tha Dan Dam
Group Photo at
Khlong Tha Dan Dam

5. Materials

Materials relevant to this workshop are available from the Database. (ID & Pass are needed.)