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NARBO contributed

“Workshop on Meta-Guidelines for Water and Climate Change Adaptation”


Tomotaka Higuchi / NARBO Secretariat



“Workshop on Meta-Guidelines for Water and Climate Change Adaptation” was held in the University of Tokyo, from October 1st to 2nd, 2012. This workshop aimed to review key issues and determine the basic direction for the establishment of guidelines, which help the practitioners to utilize climate change projection methodologies, tools for vulnerability and impact assessment, and project screening. The guidelines also provide instruction to them about adaptation strategies and activities.
As one of the key water-related organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, NARBO was invited to this workshop. The Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Tjoek Walujo Subijanto, the senior advisor, Dr. Apichart Anukularmphai, the Vice Secretary General, Mr. Kenji Someya, and one of the IWRM practitioners from Thailand, Ms. Janya Trairat from Department of Water Resources of Thailand participated in the workshop. 


Mr. Kenji Someya gave his opening remarks. He introduced the contribution of NARNO, especially the publication of IWRM guideline in cooperation with UNESCO. He also explained about NARBO activities relating to the climate change. In conclusion, he said that NARBO would continue to promote its activities in cooperation with APWF, AWCI and other organizations

At the Session, “How to Bridge the gap of usable knowledge” chaired by Mr. Wouter Lincklaen Arriens from ADB, who also serves as the Vice Secretary General of NARBO, Ms. Janya Trairat, Department of Water Resources, Thailand, one of the panelists, gave a presentation and provided details on the massive flood which hit Bangkok in 2011, as well as the situation of water resources in Thailand.

At the end of the session, active exchanges of views among all participants were promoted by Mr. Wouter.
At the session titled “How to synergize adaptation and IWRM”, Mr. Shinsuke Ota, a former vice president of Japan Water Agency, Mr. Tjoek Subojanto from Perum Jasa Tirta 1, Indonesia, vice chairparson of NARBO, and Dr. Apichart Anukularmphai, from Thailand Water Resources Association and Sinior Advisor of NARBO made a contribution of the success of it. Mr. Tjoek exemplified precipitation tendency of Brantas River Basin and also illustrated the relationship between IWRM and Climate Change Adaptation

Dr. Apichart showed the reason why IWRM and Climate Change Adaptation should be synergized each other and presented applicability, financial situation, and the promotion of IWRM,

At the end of the session, Mr. Tjoek and Dr. Apichart joined as panelists the discussion where all participants could conduct lively exchange of information and opinions
It was a great opportunity for all participants to realize the importance of synergy between IWRM and Climate Change Adaptation