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Online Course on River Basin Management for NARBO -- A Success


by Dennis Von C.Custodio
IWRM Specialist and RETA 6470 Coordinator (Consultant)



Four river basin professionals from NARBO member organizations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand completed the free online course on river basin management which was held from 10 October to 18 December 2011. The four basin professionals were:

(i)       Ms. Bidasari Binti Bahashim from Malaysia’s Selangor Water Management Authority,
(ii)      Mr. Herry Rachmadyanto from Indonesia’s Perum Jasa Tirta 2,
(iii)     Mr. Brando Angeles from Philippines’ Laguna Lake Development Authority, and
(iv)     Mr. Boonchai Ngamvitroj from Thailand’s Department of Water Resources.


Designed from interdisciplinary and policy-oriented perspectives with eight modules, the online course provided the professionals with a “must-have toolbox” on the basic elements of river basin management. It also provided a better understanding of the IWRM process as implemented by basin organizations in the region.


All the four basin professionals evaluated the online course as successful, valuable, and conducted with high quality modules. That being said, they however also felt the need to improve future online courses: (i) add tools for IWRM; (ii) have participants to actively join the forum; (ii) utilize web cams and audio for improved interactions; (iv) conduct study tours in different study sites; and (v) have more time for finishing exercises.


‘There is need to for participants to continue to communicate with other participants for further learning and training.’, LLDA’s Mr. Angeles added.

The distance learning course on river basin management was offered on a pilot basis by the Government of Spain through CEDDET Foundation, in collaboration with the Environment, Water and Agriculture Ministry of Spain through the Ebro River Basin Management Organization, and the Laguna Lake Development Authority.