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NARBO RBO Benchmarking Program

2013-2014: Self-Assessment and Reporting (SAR) Training


Tomonobu Sugiura
Water Resources Specialist, ADB



  NARBO, in partnership with the Center for River Basin Organization and Management (CRBOM), resumed the RBO Benchmarking Program to improve implementation of IWRM in river basins. The NARBO Benchmarking Program consists of 4 stages: (1) self-assessment of RBO's present performance; (2) setting targets for future performance in each business area; (3) formulation of plans to reach the targets; and (4) peer review and assessment of plans for organizational improvement.


  In regard to the first step of the NARBO Benchmarking Program, NARBO organized the SAR Training for the following 4 RBOs.


Nam Theun Nam Kading River Basin Committee (NT-NKD RBC), Lao PDR; 15 and 16 October, 2013


Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA), Malaysia; 24 and 25 October, 2013


Help Davao Network (HDN), Philippines; 30 and 31 October, 2013


Mun River Basin Committee (Mun RBC), Thailand; 6 and 7 November, 2013

  The SAR training aims to introduce the benchmarking tool (balance score card, performance indicators, scoring criteria, benchmarking process and methodology) and to explain the process of Self-Assessment and Reporting. In the SAR training, NARBO certified peer reviewers and NARBO secretariats shared those contents with their experiences based on their RBO’s situation. And also participants learned how to draw up the Self-Assessment Report through some exercises of applying performance indicators to their RBO.


  After the SAR training, the 4 RBOs will conduct an in-depth study on the organization’s structures, programs, services and resources, which are closely related performance indicators and complete the Self-Assessment Report, including plans for their organizational improvement. And then, peer review will be conducted by NARBO certified peer reviewers to review the report thoroughly and assess their next steps to improve their RBO’s situation.





SAR training for the NT-NKD RBC  
SAR training for the SWMA
SAR training for the HDN
SAR training for the Mun RBC