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Preparation for the 6th NARBO General Meeting


Tadashige KAWASAKI
NARBO Secretariat in Japan Water Agency



      NARBO secretariat is now preparing for the 6th General Meeting, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 22-24 February, 2017 with strong support of Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia. NARBO secretariat and Indonesian secretariat jointly established the organization committee and held the preparation meeting on 3rd October and 4th November, 2016 in Jakarta. The preparation team discussed draft program and logistic matters for the success of the General Meeting. Draft revision of NARBO Charter and ‘Action Program’ of next three years are now being discussed among NARBO secretariats, respecting the opinions from member organizations by means of exchanging opinions between NARBO members and NARBO secretariats. Concrete draft proposal will be shared to all NARBO members to hear opinions and recommendations. We’d appreciate it if you could kindly share your organization’s opinions for future NARBO actions.


   1st Announcement :

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Photo of the 1st Preparation meeting on 4th November, 2016

    IFI meeting and HELP meeting were hosted by Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Republic of Indonesia and led by H.E. Dr. Basuki Hadimoeljono. His Excellency offered keynote address at both meetings and introduced the challenges to water-related disasters of Indonesia. His Excellency is one of the Senior Advisors of NARBO. NARBO held the meeting to talk about NARBO with His Excellency during the IFI meeting. His Excellency expressed appreciation to NARBO activities, and NARBO had valuable recommendations for future actions.



H.E. Dr. Basuki Hadimoeljono, Minister of Ministry of Public Works and Housing and Mr. Kenyu Komura, President, Japan Water Agency