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NARBO’s contribution at the 7th World Water Forum
-Call for your participation and contribution-




   Next month, the 7th World Water Forum will be held in Daegu and in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, and many water-related people are expected to join the events and discussions on ‘Water for Our Future’. (http://eng.worldwaterforum7.org/main/)


   NARBO will contribute to the discussions at the forum as the conveners of the sessions on IWRM as follows. Each session consists of Keynote Speeches and Panel Discussions on the theme of each session. NARBO has address a questionnaire to all NARBO members and related international organizations in Asia-Pacific region and has collected many case studies to be introduced at the forum. NARBO has developed the draft ‘IWRM Indicator’ to measure the progress of IWRM as a new tool based on our experiences and applied it through the questionnaires. NARBO publication named “NARBO: A DECADE OF ACHIEVEMENTS (2004–2014)” which summarizes NARBO’s concrete achievements as results of 10 year activities is ready for distribution. The big initiative and the achievement which will contribute to the discussions at the forum and improvement of water security will be launched at the forum.


   These sessions will be good opportunities to tell opinions and thoughts on IWRM of NARBO member organizations to the world. If your organization has not sent the filled questionnaire yet, please send it to NARBO secretariat. In addition, if you or your colleagues are going to join the forum, please participate in NARBO’s session and share your views at the panel discussions. Regarding the program of the forum, please contact Mr. Tadashige Kawasaki (tadashige_kawasaki@water.go.jp). Your active participation and contribution is highly appreciated. For your information, NARBO’s experience will be also introduced at the thematic session ‘4.2 Effective Governance: Enhanced Political Decisions, Stakeholder Participation and Technical Information’ initiated by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

NARBO’s session at the forum

Session Title Date, time & Venue Website
SMART Implementation of IWRM / Future IWRM in Asia-Pacific -What we have achieved and outlook by focusing on river basin level- (Regional Process) 13 April, 14:40-16:10 GHC_204 GYEONGJU - HICO 2F Room 203 & 204 Gyeongju


Knowledgebase for IWRM (Thematic Process) 14 April, 17:00-19:00 DEC_305 DAEGU - EXCO 3F Room 315, Daegue


Concluding sessions on IWRM

Session Title Date, time & Venue Website
Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis and Commitment Session at the 7th World Water Forum

April 15, 14:40~19:00

Hotel Hyundai, B1F Convention C, Gyeongju


Concluding session 3.4 : SMART Implementation of IWRM 17 April, 11:20-13:20 DAEGU - EXCO 3F Room 325BD, Daegu