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NARBO secretariat held a meeting for future activities


Koichiro OMOTO
NARBO secretariat



   NARBO secretariat held a meeting from 3 P.M to 5 P.M on 3rd March in the ADB Institute in Tokyo. Dr. Keizrul Bin Abudullah, Chair of NARBO, Mr.Kei Kudo, Secretary General and Dr. Kentaro Kido, Vice Secretary General from JWA and Dr. Bokhwan Yu, Vice Secretary General from ADBI attended with its staff members. The aim of this meeting was to discuss the detailed plan for the future based on the current situation surrounding each secretariat members in accordance with “Manila Declaration” launched in November 2014.

   In this meeting, 1) Information sharing, 2) Capacity building for problem solving, 3) Renewal of social networking were proposed as three pillars of strategic direction for the next decade and the following topics were reviewed and discussed actively:



Strengthening knowledge sharing on IWRM through Facebook and Website


Organizing IWRM trainings in an unconventional manner


Establishing National Secretariat in each member country and promoting the dissemination of
the knowledge and experiences regarding implementation of IWRM by all of secretariat members

4. Upgrading the IWRM guidelines

Based on various opinions expressed in this meeting, draft plan for the coming 6th NARBO general meeting will be further reviewed among the secretariat members.